ENv2 Empower Network Blog Beast

Empower Network has finally has announced the massive launch of its’ second-generation blogging network, ENv2 Empower Network Blog Beast.

After over year of development, over 25 full time staff and $3 million dollars invested,the Blog Beast features several features never seen before on any blogging platform.

ENv2 Empower Network Blog Beast Mobile App

One of the highlights of the Empower Network Blog Beast is its mobile app, which allows users to sync Blog Beast between computer and smartphones, allowing users to “blog on the go” wherever they are, whenever they want. Unlike most mobile blogging apps, the Blog Beast mobile app has numerous new features that make Blog Beast the most powerful blogging platform to date.

ENv2 Empower Network Blog Beast allows users blog from their smartphones and record video and audio with the mobile app. With only two clicks, users can upload any type of content to their blog instantly. This allows users of all ages to use Empower Network Blog Beast regardless of technical knowledge.

ENv2 Empower Network Blog Beast Features

“We wanted to create an atmosphere where no matter where you are and what your idea is, you can put it on your blog when inspiration strikes,” Sharpe said. “That’s one of the many ways we are changing the viral blogging industry. Imagine building and managing a business from your phone.”

ENv2 Empower Network Blog Beast is only $25 per month, which is the same price as the current system. Existing customers will be moved over on October 7th. After that, new customers will have access to the new program on October 14th. Currently affiliates will still receive 100% commissions on all new sales in Blog Beast.

Empower Network is launching ENv2 Blog Beast in the coming weeks and it is sure to take the internet marketing industry by storm. Read our review to find out more about it.

Empower Network Blog Beast


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